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Ever go to a backyard birthday party and spend the whole time thinking about the bowl of chips on the table?

And while everyone else is playing in the Slip n' Slide or singing happy birthday by the pool, you're stuck in your head with thoughts like:

Non Diet Dietitian Frustrated

❱❱  I won’t have any cake because it’s too many calories…”

❱❱  “Those tacos look amazing, but I can’t eat corn on my new diet...”

❱❱  “If I have a slice of pizza I can’t eat for the rest of the day…”

❱❱  “I’ve gotta get out of the kitchen, there are too many snacks in here…” 

❱❱  “I loatheee pictures of myself, so I’m avoiding photos at all costs…”

And the tricky thing about those thoughts? 

They take on *a lot* of power.

Before you know it, you're..

  Avoiding gatherings where you know there’ll be a big chocolate cake or leftover lasagna or a buffet-style dinner. 

  Afraid to go to the grocery store and face all that food. 

  Checking every mirror in your home and every window you walk by to see how you look, and you always come up with the same conclusion: too big, too bloated, too bulky.


If we’re honest, you’ve been dealing with obsessive thoughts around food waaay too long.

And everything you’ve tried to control your relationship with food and feel better in your body only makes things worse

The diets — all of them 

Keto, Primal, South Beach, Atkins, Paleo... you name it. And every diet promises the same thing— to change your body and make it thinner, more “toned,” healthier. Cue the never-ending cycle of following food rules to control your physical appearance. 

But those results don’t last because restricting food and following fad diets isn’t sustainable. 

You know this. You’ve tried. 

Clean eating or “healthy” eating

Surely some rules are good… right? 

Nope! At the end of the day, clean eating is just a diet masquerading as a healthy lifestyle choice. 

Disordered eating

Trying to tighten your grip on control only leads to a *very* troubled relationship with food and can cause mental, physical, and emotional suffering. 

Maybe you’ve even thought about giving intuitive eating a try, but you’re too afraid that removing all the rules around food will lead to weight gain—and as far as you’re concerned, that’s a big no-no. 

...Any of that sounding familiar?

Mmm. I thought so. 

Imagine, for a moment, how *flipping* amazing it would be to...

Non Diet Dietitian


✔  Have an easy, peaceful relationship with food—yup, even desserts 

✔  Opt for ice cream with extra toppings instead of the low-calorie frozen yogurt option without feeling any guilt at all

✔  Feel completely worthy no matter what weight, shape, or size you are

✔  Know that your body is happy and healthy even if you have Italian for dinner

✔  Have total confidence putting on a pair of shorts or a bathing suit and going for an after-lunch swim—*gasp*

The truth is… ALL of that is possible.

You can ditch dieting for good and make peace with food.

You can be happy and healthy without monitoring every morsel of food that you consume.

You can stop obsessing over food “rules,” feel worthy at any size, and be free to enjoy your life without having food-related bombard you and ruin your day.

Thinking to yourself… “Yes! That’s what I want. But… how do I do it?!”

...It’s time we’ve met.

Non Diet Dietitian
Hey hey

Katy here —

True-crime junkie, coffee lover (a good ol’ fashioned vanilla latte is my jam!), momma to two boys, and Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) on a mission to help women make peace with food with intuitive eating.

I’m not your average dietitian. I identify as a food therapist who believes in ditching diet culture, trusting our bodies, and practicing body kindness.

Because through all my studying, exams, experimenting, and disordered eating (yup, it happens to dietitians too!), the one thing that gave me freedom from obsessing over food was embracing a non-diet way of life.

Let me explain.

You see, the problem is that we’ve been punked.
(And unfortunately, this time there’s no A-list celebrity popping out from behind a tree to say Gotcha!)

Society has brainwashed us  — especially women — to believe that we need to be a certain way in order to be desirable, to be successful, to be worthy.

Diet culture teaches us that in order to matter we need to be a particular shape, or a certain size, or a given weight.

And it teaches us that food is the enemy.

So instead of seeing food as the delicious, life-giving fuel for our bodies that it is, we use it as a tool to prove our worthiness.

We use it to control the shape, size, and weight.

Enter: a problematic, and deeply harmful relationship with food that leaves us unhappy, unfulfilled, and undernourished.

Diverse women in sports clothes

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Womean eating doughnuts happy

Non-diet philosophy teaches us to undo those harmful lessons we’ve been taught, to unwind the harmful narratives we’ve adopted, so we can finally… live.

Because, here’s the truth:

Food is not the enemy—nope, not even chocolate-dipped Oreos!

You can be healthy and eat sweets.

You can live a long, bountiful life and go out for pizza night with your family. You can put butter on your popcorn and still be worthy of love and affection.

So, how do you stop being food-obsessed, stick it to the man, live unapologetically, and feel good doing it?

Oooo, I’m so glad you asked. 

Welcome to

The 6-week online course that teaches you how to eat intuitively and be kind to your body so you can stop obsessing over food, feel worthy at any size, and live a life of total freedom.

Non-Diet Academy

Inside Non-Diet Academy, you’ll not only learn how to listen to your body and eat intuitively, but you’ll untangle some of the deep-rooted body image hang-ups that are keeping you stuck.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll get access to all the knowledge, tools, and expert tips you need to heal your relationship with food, love your body, and feel worthy no matter what you eat.

Here’s a peek at what’s possible when you join Non-Diet Academy

Five stars

“I went from feeling crazy in anticipation of food, while consuming food, and the aftermath of eating food, to finding that freedom with food is possible. Katy will take you on the journey to achieve it.”

— Jessica, nurse
Five stars

“I am no longer afraid of food. I enjoy food in moderation and I know how to listen to my body to know when I am full or hungry; if something is enjoyable to me or not; and if a food is upsetting my body in any way.”

— Keturah, worship specialist

Here’s how Non-Diet Academy will take you from food-obsessed to fully free & living your *three-finger-snaps* best life


A Holistic Approach
to Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is much more than learning to eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

It’s about learning to trust, love, and respect your body. And that goes beyond food.

In Non-Diet Academy, we cover intuitive eating, self-care & radical self-acceptance, and movement as exercise so you can live a full, happy, and healthy life.


Private Facebook
Student Community

Non-Diet Academy includes full access to a private student Facebook group so you can ask questions, celebrate your wins, and source other tips from other students just like you.

Because the wins are sweeter and the hurdles seem smaller when you have good people in your corner.


Weekly Group
Coaching Sessions

Need individual support or some extra accountability to heal your relationship with food?

As a Non-Diet Academy student, you’re invited to 6 (optional) Group Coaching Sessions hosted by yours truly.

Feel free to drop in with questions, unique scenarios, or struggles to get personalized feedback from me.

Let's break it down:

Fork and tape measure

Breaking Up With Diet Culture

Non-Diet Academy kicks off with a deep dive into diet culture and how it keeps us in constant battle with food.

In Module 1, you’ll learn how diet culture has conditioned us to be unhappy with ourselves so you can wave buh-bye and say see yah, Diet Culture, it’s not me, it’s YOU.

You’ll discover:

❱❱  How to set yourself up for success and get the most out of this course

❱❱  Lies diet culture tells you about food (and the actual truth)

❱❱  What dieting does to your metabolism and how to reverse its effects

Food and Intuitive Eating

After spending years trying to please the diet-gods, we’ve got to do some foundational work to undo the deeply ingrained habits and thought patterns that might prevent your success with intuitive eating.

In Module 2, you’ll learn how to get your metabolism back on track so your body works (and feels) its best. Then, you’ll rewire your brain to think differently about food so you can actually enjoy eating, instead of feeling guilty about it.

No more “good food” or “bad food” thinking.

And if you’re concerned about nutrition and health, don’t worry! You’ll learn exactly what nutrients your body needs to thrive.

You’ll learn how to:

❱❱  Fire up your metabolism after years of effects from yo-yo dieting

❱❱  Listen for your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues — yes! You were born with those

❱❱  Nourish your body with macronutrients without restricting sorting “good food” from “bad food”

❱❱  Decode your food cravings so you can gain a deeper understanding of your emotional reactions to food

Woman thinking what to eat
Happy women without body image struggles or weight fears

Body Image Struggles and Weight Fears

Most people are afraid intuitive eating will lead to weight gain, which means it’s impossible to learn how to eat intuitively without talking about body image.

In Module 3, we’ll explore the reasons why we’re so afraid of weight gain and learn how to be kind to our bodies.

P.S. I know this is scary! But it is so, so worth it. Because when you learn how to be kind to yourself and love your body, the real healing begins.

You’ll learn how to:

❱❱  Reframe your internalized narratives around weight loss and weight gain

❱❱  Finally ditch your secret desire to lose weight 

❱❱  Identify the underlying fears and shame behind your body insecurity

Self-Care Ain't Selfish

...And it ain’t all bubble baths and lavender hand lotions either.

Self-care is one of the pillars of food + body image healing. When we have unmet needs in our life, it often shows up in our relationship with food and body.

In Module 4, you’ll learn how to practice deep, meaningful self-care so you can nourish your body beyond food.

You’ll learn how to:

❱❱  Practice deep, meaningful self-care so you can support whole-body health and wellness

❱❱  Develop macro and micro self-care routines (and when to use each)

❱❱  Stick to your self-care routines even if you have a bad food or body image day (which is bound to happen!

Woman with self-care
Body positive women in exercise clothing

Movement (aka "exercise")

If you’re anything like me, the word exercise immediately conjures images of the dusty dumbbells in the garage. The ones you *never* use.

But exercise doesn’t have to be a chore or a punishment — I promise.

In Module 5, you’ll explore movement as a key piece of building a trusting, loving relationship with your body.

You’ll learn how to:

❱❱  Use movement as a joyful activity and not a chore or punishment 

❱❱  Identify toxic fitness culture and how it’s shaped your idea of exercise

❱❱  Properly fuel and hydrate your body for movement

❱❱  Incorporate small, effective movements into your day even if you’re sooo busy

When you join Non-Diet Academy, you’ll get all the tools you need to ditch dieting for good and heal your relationship with food


eating schedule

To recalibrate your appetite cues so you can tune into them with confidence and clarity.


Reframing food as
nutrients guide

To help stop seeing food as calories or points and start seeing it for what it is — vital nutrients that nourish your body


Food reflections

So you can keep track of your comments, questions, and emotions as you implement the course lessons.


Body kindness affirmations
& tracking sheet

So you always have positive affirmations as you practice body kindness and body acceptance.

Person moving

Redefining movement
guide & worksheet

To help you stop seeing exercise as punishment or chose and see it as a way to take care of your body instead.

Person with heart

Customizable self-care monthly planner

So you can keep track of your new micro and macro self-care routines as you heal your relationship with YOU.

Oh wait, there's more!

You’ll also get instant access to these oh-so-sweet bonuses to make intuitive eating and body kindness simpler than ever

(A $1,124 value for freeeeee!)

Bonus #1 text and Non-Diet Dietitian on computer screen

6 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

(a $780 value)

Want individual support or some extra accountability to heal your relationship with food?

I’ve got you covered. As a Non-Diet Academy student, you’re invited to 6 (optional) Group Coaching Sessions hosted by yours truly.

Drop in with questions, unique scenarios, or struggles to get personalized feedback from me and your fellow NDA students.

*Group Coaching Sessions will take place live on Saturdays at 1pm CST, and the replays will be posted inside the course so you can still watch them even if you can’t make it live.

Body Image Breakthrough Guide: 52 Weekly Practices to Transform Your Body Image

(a $47 value)

With these 52 practices, you’ll have a whole year’s worth of prompts to transform your body image and let go of your fear of weight gain so you can eat intuitively without being afraid of “good food” and “bad food.”

I’ll say that piece again for the folks in the back— a whole year’s worth of weekly practices to transform your body image!

Bonus #2 text with iPad where Body Image Breakthrough guide visible
Bonus #3 text with iPads with Women on the screens

Expert Interviews

(a $297 value)

Looking for a little extra intuitive eating support? Pop in your earbuds and get ready to take notes!

These 3 expert interviews are jam-packed with educational content on intuitive eating from some of the most powerful female leaders in the field.

❱❱  Expert Interview with Nicole Cruz about Raising Kids to Be Intuitive Eaters

❱❱  Expert Interview with Jennifer Lemke about Mindset With Exercise

❱❱  Expert Interview with Denise Massey about Body Image & The Impossible Standards Women Are Held To

Plus if you're one of those fast action takers and enroll today, this limited time bonus is ALSO yours!

'How to Plan Your Menus & Grocery Shop With Ease' -video tutorial

(a $97 value)

Just because you’re ditching dieting doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t plan out your menus ahead of time. Join me as I demonstrate exactly how to plan out a week’s worth of meals + snacks (all while leaving room for intuitive eating!)

Here’s what’s included in this awesome bonus:

❱❱  A video tutorial of my step-by-step process for planning out breakfasts, lunches and dinners - with tons of flexibility for listening to your body!

❱❱  The snack strategy that will leave you saying, “Mmm...That was delicious and satisfying!”

❱❱  A grocery list template that will make your shopping *infinitely* faster + easier (so you can stress less about what to buy at the store)

❱❱  A cheat sheet of food ideas in each category so youre never left without ideas for what to eat

This bonus expires Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at midnight, so enroll in Non-Diet Academy TODAY to grab it while it’s still available!





Ready to stop obsessing about what you eat, heal your relationship to food, and feel worthy at any size?

Enroll in Non-Diet Academy and get everything you need to ditch dieting for good and reclaim your freedom

*The most flexible*

3 x Monthly payments of





*The best value*

A one time payment of




And in case you’re wondering how Non-Diet Academy stacks up to other intuitive eating programs out there...

(A skeptic! I like you. I like you a lot.)

Other Programs

Focus Only on Intuitive Eating so you’re left knowing WHAT intuitive eating is but not how to set yourself up for sustainable  success

 Overwhelming Info like long-winded lessons and e-book length PDFs

 No Student Community or private space to foster connection and support among students 

 Led by a Health Coachwhich can be great! But sometimes coaches are missing valuable insights that only come along with formal training and years in the field 

 Little or No Support—I’m talking a set of modules or a static set of lessons and that’s it—yikes!

Non-Diet Academy


  Focuses on Intuitive Eating, Body Image, Self-Care, and Movement so you can learn how to trust, respect, and love your body and see long-lasting results

  Actionable Lessons & Plug-and-Play Tools so you can learn what you need and implement it right away 

  Private Facebook Community filled with other women on the same journey as you so you never feel alone as you ditch dieting and free yourself from food rules

  Taught by a Certified Eating Disorder Dietitianaka me! I’ve studied nutrition, body image psychology, and disordered eating and I’ve helped dozens of women just like you ditch dieting for good and make peace with food

   6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls where you can ask me anything, troubleshoot with the group, celebrate your wins, or get help overcoming any obstacles!

Inside Non-Diet Academy, you’ll get exclusive access to the techniques I use to help my private clients make peace with food

Five stars

"Freedom with food is possible. Katy will take you on a journey to achieve it."

— Jessica L, former client

I only want you to join this program if it’ll help you heal your relationship with food & build a new, deeply loving relationship with your body 

So I’ve made you a nifty chart to tell if this program is perfect for you (or not!)!

Non-Diet Academy is *definitely* for you if...


  You’re tired of struggling with food and your weight & you want to stop stressing over it for good

  You want to find peace and freedom with food so you don’t have to constantly spend mental energy thinking about what you’re eating

  You’re done with counting calories, carbs, and points but you can’t seem to move on from restricting and measuring your food

  You’re recovering from an eating disorder and you want to embrace intuitive eating as the last stage of your healing process

  You’ve tried intuitive eating before, but something was missing. You want to get to the place where you truly trust your body to tell you when it's hungry and full

  You’ve been on every diet under the sun and none of them has made you a happier, merrier, or better woman

Non-Diet Academy is *not* for you if...

 You’re not ready to let go of dieting yet because you still think it *will* work

 You’re actively suffering from OR in the early stages of treatment for  an eating disorder

 You’re looking for a quick-fix or a silver bullet to help you control your cravings

 You’re uninterested in learning about body acceptance and body image—because those are two BIG pieces of the intuitive eating puzzle

 You don’t have the time or bandwidth to implement the program material


Non-Diet Academy is — quite literally — made for you!

(just like your favorite pair of Target PJs)

Join us and begin your 6-week journey to make peace with food, learn to love your body at any size, and live a life of total freedom

*The most flexible*

3 x Monthly payments of





*The best value*

A one time payment of





You’re protected by the Non-Diet Academy Money-Back Guarantee

Half eaten doughnut with a banner over it that says 14-day guarantee

I fully intend for Non-Diet Academy to be your ticket to a peaceful, easy relationship with food and a life-long loving relationship with your body.

But I know that sometimes you want to take the car for a test drive before you buy it.

Which is why I’m offering every student a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. During those first 2 weeks, you’ll get access to the first 2 modules of the course (that’s a third of the material!), and if you’ve done the work and implemented the lessons and you still don’t feel that Non-Diet Academy is every bit as glorious as I’ve made it out to be… simply email me and I’ll refund you in full.


These are the most common questions other women ask before joining Non-Diet Academy and healing their relationship with food

Non-Diet dietitian with cookies placed over eyes


If you’re meeting me way down here at the bottom of the page, I’m going to go out on a limb and say...

Something is resonating with you. Maybe deep down a piece of you really does think it’s possible to stop obsessing over food and find that wondrous, effortless middle-ground where you can actually enjoy what you’re eating.


you’re not quite sure if Non-Diet Academy is for you.

Which is very fair.

Red arrow down

I’ve had my fair share of buyer’s remorse too. (I’m looking at you 70% less-fat whole grain crackers.)

So before you go, I want to tell you ONE teeny (but mighty!) thing I wish someone told me when I was just starting my journey to intuitive eating and body kindness:

You CAN stop battling food and enjoy your body—and your life—exactly how it is.

You CAN stop body checking in the mirror and finding things you don’t like about yourself.

You CAN take pictures, make memories, and love the people around you without feeling like you’re too big or too bloated or too bulky.

Your life is meant to be lived.

The cake. The cookies. The birthdays. The holidays. The decadent celebrations. The laugh-out-loud moments.

All of it.

Non-diet Dietitian sitting outdoors and smiling
Non- Diet Dietitian sitting and smiling

It’s glorious, and it’s yours.

You’re worthy of happiness no matter your size, or your shape, or your weight.

If you choose not to join us in Non-Diet Academy this time around, that’s okay! I’m cheering you on wherever you’re off to next.

But if you're ready to stop obsessing over every little thing you eat and feeling guilty about how you look and feel...

I’d be honored to guide you on your journey to intuitive eating and a full and vibrant life—cake or no cake.

You with me?

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

With love,


Join Non-Diet Academy today and get:

(a $2,600 value!)

5 Modules and 29+ Action-Based Lessons

Private Student Facebook Community

6 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Personalized Eating Schedule

Reframing Food as Nutrients Guide

Food Reflections Journal

Body Kindness Affirmations & Tracking Sheet

Redefining Movement Guide & Worksheet 

Customizable Self-Care Monthly Planner 

Bonus #1

6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Bonus #2

Body Image Breakthrough Guide: 52 Weekly Practices to Transform Your Body Image

Bonus #3

Expert Interview Series with industry leaders

Enroll in Non-Diet Academy Today










*The most flexible*

3 x Monthly payments of







*The best value*

A one time payment of