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Non-Diet Academy is *definitely* for you if..

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βœ“  You’re tired of struggling with food and your weight & you want to stop stressing over it for good

  You want to find peace and freedom with food so you don’t have to constantly spend mental energy thinking about what you’re eating

βœ“  You’re done with counting calories, carbs, and points but you can’t seem to move on from restricting and measuring your food

βœ“  You’re recovering from an eating disorder and you want to embrace intuitive eating as the last stage of your healing process

βœ“  You’ve tried intuitive eating before, but something was missing. You want to get to the place where you truly trust your body to tell you when it's hungry and full

βœ“  You’ve been on every diet under the sun and none of them has made you a happier, merrier, or better woman

Here’s a peek at what’s possible when you join Non-Diet Academy

Five stars

“I went from feeling crazy in anticipation of food, while consuming food, and the aftermath of eating food, to finding that freedom with food is possible. Katy will take you on the journey to achieve it.”

— Jessica, nurse
Five stars

“I am no longer afraid of food. I enjoy food in moderation and I know how to listen to my body to know when I am full or hungry; if something is enjoyable to me or not; and if a food is upsetting my body in any way.”

— Keturah, worship specialist

When you join Non-Diet Academy, you’ll get all the tools you need to ditch dieting for good and heal your relationship with food


eating schedule

To recalibrate your appetite cues so you can tune into them with confidence and clarity.


Reframing food as
nutrients guide

To help stop seeing food as calories or points and start seeing it for what it is — vital nutrients that nourish your body


Food reflections

So you can keep track of your comments, questions, and emotions as you implement the course lessons.


Body kindness affirmations
& tracking sheet

So you always have positive affirmations as you practice body kindness and body acceptance.

Person moving

Redefining movement
guide & worksheet

To help you stop seeing exercise as punishment or chose and see it as a way to take care of your body instead.

Person with heart

Customizable self-care monthly planner

So you can keep track of your new micro and macro self-care routines as you heal your relationship with YOU.

Non Diet Dietitian
Hey hey

Katy here —

True-crime junkie, coffee lover (a good ol’ fashioned vanilla latte is my jam!), momma to two boys, and Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) on a mission to help women make peace with food with intuitive eating.

I’m not your average dietitian. I identify as a food therapist who believes in ditching diet culture, trusting our bodies, and practicing body kindness.

Because through all my studying, exams, experimenting, and disordered eating (yup, it happens to dietitians too!), the one thing that gave me freedom from obsessing over food was embracing a non-diet way of life.

Let me explain.

You see, the problem is that we’ve been punked.
(And unfortunately, this time there’s no A-list celebrity popping out from behind a tree to say Gotcha!)

Society has brainwashed us  — especially women — to believe that we need to be a certain way in order to be desirable, to be successful, to be worthy.

Diet culture teaches us that in order to matter we need to be a particular shape, or a certain size, or a given weight.

And it teaches us that food is the enemy.

So instead of seeing food as the delicious, life-giving fuel for our bodies that it is, we use it as a tool to prove our worthiness.

We use it to control the shape, size, and weight.

Enter: a problematic, and deeply harmful relationship with food that leaves us unhappy, unfulfilled, and undernourished.

Diverse women in sports clothes

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Women eating doughnuts happy

Non-diet philosophy teaches us to undo those harmful lessons we’ve been taught, to unwind the harmful narratives we’ve adopted, so we can finally… live.

Because, here’s the truth:

Food is not the enemy — nope, not even chocolate-dipped Oreos!

You can be healthy and eat sweets.

You can live a long, bountiful life and go out for pizza night with your family. You can put butter on your popcorn and still be worthy of love and affection.

So, how do you stop being food-obsessed, stick it to the man, live unapologetically, and feel good doing it?

Oooo, I’m so glad you asked. 

Join the Non-Diet Academy waitlist today and you’re on your way to feeling worthy at any size, and to living a life of total freedom!

Non-Diet Academy

Inside Non-Diet Academy, you’ll not only learn how to listen to your body and eat intuitively, but you’ll untangle some of the deep-rooted body image hang-ups that are keeping you stuck.

Over 6 weeks, you’ll get access to all the knowledge, tools, and expert tips you need to heal your relationship with food, love your body, and feel worthy no matter what you eat.