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Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness


5 Days of Inspiration & Action to Kickstart Your Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness Journey

How much money have you spent on challenges and diet programs that don't deliver on their promises?

What about trying something different by investing in this un-challenge? I've designed this low-cost program to give you the tools, guidance and simple action steps to generate serious momentum on your journey to freedom with food. 

No more fumbling through with intuitive eating and hoping you're doing it right. I'll show you the key steps to take right away to confidently eat and to start *actually* trusting your body again. 

When you enroll,

you’ll get: 

Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness 5 Day Un-Challenge
($197 Value)

  • The Intuitive Eating Starter Kit

    Immediately after registering you'll get a starter kit packed full of tools that you'll use to kickstart your intuitive eating process with confidence and ease.

  • A Custom Workbook to Keep You Organized

    All you have to do each day is follow along! (The workbook is delivered on Day 1 of the un-challenge.)

  • 5 Days of Short Actionable Video Lessons 

    Each morning for 5 days you'll receive a short (approximately 5 minute) video from me with your bite-sized action steps.

Participants shared their biggest takeaways from the Un-Challenge:

"Hope. Every daily exercise, question or video brought some hope. Reminding me that yes this is not easy, yes you can do this, yes it’s possible, you are not alone."

"I learned how to treat myself better and have more respect and compassion for my body and to trust it knows what it is doing. I learned to not be judgmental about that."


Enroll in the Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness Un-Challenge ($197 value)

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What Past Participants Are Saying...


"My biggest takeaway was making me aware of ditching the scale and listening to my body. Also, listening to my body as to when it is hungry or not."

"I think the momentum of having an assignment, video, social media content (aka having Katy in my ear!) created some strong new neuropathways. I had so many moments this week where I had breakthroughs and aha! moments."

This un-challenge isn't like those diet culture challenges you see everywhere...


In fact, we are going to do the opposite and work on un-learning what diet culture has taught us.  


What’s Inside the Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness 5 Day Un-Challenge 


Day 1

Let's Break Some Food Rules!

We'll get started with ACTION right away on day 1 with breaking some of your food rules so that you can immediately start experiencing more freedom with food. We'll challenge your inner food police and practice un-learning the food rules that diet culture has taught us.

Day 2

What Exactly Are We "Un-Challenging?"

If you don't change your thoughts, you won't be able to permanently change your behaviors with food. Here we will practice some powerful mindset work around the diet mentality and what it takes to truly change your relationship with food and your body.

Day 3

Reconnecting With Your Hunger & Rebuilding Trust With Your Body

On day 3 I'll give you my best strategies for recognizing the different types of hunger, and I'll show you how to prove to yourself that you can indeed trust your body with food. No more rigid dieting rules to try and "control" yourself around food. You'll be listening to what your BODY is telling you, without fear, as you rebuild trust with your body (and with your authentic self). 

Day 4

Weight & Self-Esteem

We can't talk about changing our relationship with food without looking at body image. You've spent enough of your life hating your body, and it's time to make peace with yourself. I'm going to help you tackle your biggest fears around weight gain and intuitive eating, so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin.

Day 5

Body Kindness

What the heck does that even mean? (Hint: a lot, and it's a total game changer.) Body kindness will completely change the way you think about your health and wellness. It will help you nurture and respect your body with compassion - which is totally different than what diet culture tells us to do. I'll lay it alllll out for you in this lesson which will set you up for massive momentum moving forward!

And there's MORE!

You'll also get my Intuitive Eating Starter Kit immediately upon registering. It includes:

  • Ditching Dieting Cheat Sheet
  • Hunger Scale
  • Template For Stocking Up On Yummy Food
  • Body Image Affirmations


This un-challenge is for you if…


  • You're sick of diet culture

    You've tried so many diets and "detoxes", and you're tired of living by the ridiculous rules and unrealistic expectations of diet culture, and you want to make peace with food.
  • You want to kickstart your process

    You're ready to dive in and take intentional action with intuitive eating and body kindness (instead of fumbling through and spinning your wheels).
  • You're new to intuitive eating 

    Perhaps you're a little nervous or overwhelmed and aren't quite sure where to start, and. you want some support and clarity around how to implement it in your life.
  • You've been doing intuitive eating for a while

    And you want to recharge your energy and enthusiasm for the journey, with an added dose of body kindness so that you can wake up every day knowing you are doing what's right for YOU and your body. 

Join the Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness

Un-Challenge Today ($197 value)



"I am looking at dieting in a different light...no more for this lady. I am going to accept myself the way I am and be thankful I am a healthy woman. I thank you so much for giving me the courage to accept myself the way I am."

-Susie, Un-Challenge Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Still thinking about it?


The Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness 5 Day Un-Challenge is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You're just getting started with intuitive eating and want tools and strategies to implement it the right way 
  2. You're tired of dieting and want to make peace with food once and for all
  3. You're willing to put in 5 days of consistent action gain some serious excitement and momentum
  4. You've already been doing intuitive eating for a while but you're still struggling with your eating and body image
  5. You're stressed about gaining weight or becoming unhealthy
  6. You're excited to be able to eat the foods you love, without guilt 
  7. You're ready to take the actions needed to find freedom with food 

I can’t wait for you to join the Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness 5 Day Un-Challenge

Intuitive eating and body kindness has changed my life and the lives of hundreds of my clients. It's SO freeing when you realize that you can trust your body to tell you when you're hungry and satisfied.

When you're not constantly stressing about food and your weight, you'll find that you have so much more time and energy for the other things that matter to you in life. 

If you want to make peace with food, this is the perfect place for you.

I want to personally invite you to join me for this amazing experience. Let's do this together!


What Are You Waiting For?! Join the Intuitive Eating & Body Kindness

Un-Challenge Today ($197 value)

You deserve to have freedom with food and to feel comfortable in your own skin.