Plan Your Meals Quickly & Easily With These 6 Simple Steps

Intuitive eating and meal planning can absolutely go hand-in-hand

Intuitive eating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan your meals ahead of time. Grab my free guide (which includes fill-in-the-blank templates) where I walk you through my easy 6-step process for planning your meals each week (in less than 30 minutes).

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Tired of stressing over what to eat for dinner?

This guide is for you, if you...

Want a game plan for what to eat for meals each week (without deprivation).

Need strategies for how to quickly and easily plan meals.

Haven't been planning your meals because you thought it wasn’t part of intuitive eating (surprise - menu planning totally IS part of intuitive eating!).

Are tired of winging it with food each day, and you’re constantly going to the grocery store or ordering takeout because you don’t have a plan for meals or you don’t have groceries for cooking.

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Inside the menu planning guide you'll get:

  • My 6 simple steps to follow for planning your breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks for an entire week (in less than 30 minutes).
  • A fill-in-the blank menu template you can use over and over for planning your meals each week.
  • The confidence to plan out meals and snacks without slipping into the diet mentality. You’ll be picking things that are satisfying and delicious!
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Hi, I’m Katy.

As a non-diet dietitian (and intuitive eater myself), I have a little secret to tell you…I don’t like cooking.

I’m a busy working mom, and I prefer to spend very little time in the kitchen. I accomplish this by planning out my menus ahead of time (which also streamlines my grocery shopping BTW).

I can show you how to plan your menus for the week, without stress and without spending tons of time. PLUS you can do all of this while still eating intuitively. In fact, it will make your intuitive eating process easier because you’ll have a plan for satisfying meals and snacks. Combining menu planning and intuitive eating is a beautiful thing, and I can show you how!

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