5 Phases to Becoming a

Non Dieter

Ditch dieting and find freedom with food through intuitive eating so that you can trust your body and feel good in your own skin. Find out what phase of becoming a non dieter you are in right now (and tips for every phase along the way)!

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • An overview of the 5 Phases of Becoming a Non Dieter
  • A detailed description of what you would be experiencing in each phase
  • Tips and action steps for what to do based on which phase you are currently in
  • How to become a full fledged intuitive eater and officially a NON DIETER! Yippee!

"Since I started intuitive eating 1.5 months ago, I just get to be a normal person and food gets to be a good and important part of my life, but not something I define myself by."


Are you tired of feeling stressed out and crazy with food?

Whether you've been struggling with the ups and downs of dieting for the majority of your life, or if you're tired of stressing constantly about food - this guide will walk you through the steps to food freedom and intuitive eating. By ditching diet culture you'll discover that you CAN trust your body when you know how to listen to it. Grab this free guide to learn what it takes to finally make peace with food and a non dieter for good!

A Note from Katy...

“I know the pain of worrying about your weight and beating yourself up for what you've eaten. I also know the joy and freedom that comes with intuitive eating and becoming a non dieter. I created this guide to walk you through this journey with confidence and clarity. Grab your copy and get started today!"

-- Katy Harvey, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD

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